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Welcome to Weatherstorm.net! We are now becoming bigger than ever. Founded in 2008 as a weather blog website by founder, Stephen Jones, turned into more of a personal project of documentation of the Journey to the Great Plains of the United States in search of Nature’s Wildest Weather. This website has grown over the years and is partnering up with The Texas Storm Chasers and UK StormChaser and becoming the Premier Weather Blog for Oklahoma and other major national weather events around the country. We have taken Social Media by storm to bring the public weather updates on all kinds of Severe Weather. Now we are beginning to specialize our blog for Oklahomans as a main source for weather information.

Don’t worry for all those who follow us for our Extreme Storm Chasing Photography and Video, there will be plenty of that for 2013. We plan on chasing harder than ever before, giving you the first hand riding experience with our I-Map Live Chase Streams with our chasers so that you can experience our chases first hand. Also, we will be making more additions to create the chase more interactive for you! Storm Photographers Stephen Jones and James Menzies will be expanding our photography with the hope to bring you stunning photos and video footage of Earth’s Wildest Weather! Between all of us here at Weatherstorm.net we have seen over 100 tornadoes and documented many significant weather events from Tornadoes to Blizzards and Wildfires.

We want you to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for quick weather updates and live social media coverage of major regional weather events.